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When looking at yard care there are more times then not when over or under watering can be a problem. Yard care can be difficult if one is not well informed that needs to be done. The first step to great yard care is to determine if your lawn has enough water. To determine if the grass needs to be watered, there are a few signs to look for and that would include footprints that remain on the lawn, bluish-green color, and curling grass blade.Visit lawn care midland tx.

Many people may not realize that most lawns only require about 2.54 cm per week. To determine the how long it would take to water your lawn for proper yard care, place a few plastic containers with 2.54 cm pre-marked on them start your watering system and time it. This will allow you to find out how much time it will take to properly water your lawn each week.

There is no set time that lawns have to be watered each day. Please keep in mind that mornings are the most ideal time to water ones lawn. The reason morning is ideal for lawn watering is really quite simple there is less water evaporation in the morning as well as less wind drift that will lower the amount of water that your lawn is actually getting.

Please feel free to browse through some of our other helpful lawn tips to better improve your lawn care knowledge. For those out there that would like to find a great franchise opportunity in the lawn care business we have found that Lawns Lowered is one of the top lawn care franchisors out there.

lawn mowing midland tx – Essential Info

Okay, so this was your first attempt to mow a lawn and results were less than expected? Don’t worry – follow this article for a quick 1-2-3 on how to mow your lawn. Believe me, you’ll be mowing your lawn like a pro in no time at all and your lawn will thrive and look beautifully green.

If you have have a mower, great otherwise you will need to buy one. So let’s start with a tip on the mower itself:

Lawn Mowing Tip # 1: Type of lawn mower to use

Most homes tend to have a mix of lawn, shrubs, plants and trees. The actual area covered by the tends to be small (usually between 400 and 600 square feet). If this applies in your case too, consider buying a reel lawnmower. This is a hand-powered mechanical cutter with two wheels in front and a handle to push at the back. You will be amazed at just how quickly (less than 30 minutes) this simple device can mow your entire lawn.

If you have a that is larger than 1000 sq ft (but less than 2,000 sq ft), buy a electric powered mower preferably one with a mulching option. For the really large lawns a riding mower would be better.

Lawn Mowing Tip # 2: Prep the lawn mower

Prep the mower! After every mowing, the mower should be cleaned and kept ready for the next you need to use it. If your mower was not cleaned, get it ready by cleaning and clearing the blades. Also, there is a height adjustment that might need looking into. While cleaning the blades, make sure they are still sharp. Even a new mower can have blunted blades if it was run over stones and twigs. Blunt mower blades can be removed and sharpened – the store that sold you the mower will have the phone number of the person who provides blade sharpening service.

Lawn Mowing Tip # 3: Adjust the lawn mowing height

During warm season the recommended height for grass is between 1/2 inch to 1 inch. During cool season, grass can have a height of about 3 inches to 3 1/2 inches.

The side of your Mowing will usually have some sort of latches or switches that raise of lower the height of the wheels (or in some cases, the blades).

Lawn Mowing Tip # 5: Prep the lawn for mowing

An average might have all sorts of obstacles. There might be twigs, leaves, stones, toys, small lost items etc. If anything hard gets caught in the blades, it can dull the blades requiring down-time and expenses to get them sharpened again and also, the mower would have to be recalibrated. All this is potentially time-consuming. The better option is to spend a few minutes examining your clearing it of any obstacles that are likely to damage the movers blades.

lawn care midland tx – Factors to consider

A nice green, healthy lawn is more than just a pleasure to look at; it can help with natural pest control efforts,increase the curb appeal and value of your home, help to keep the heat from making your home unbearable in the summer, and simply create a much more comfortable, welcome environment for your friends and family. Choosing the right lawn care service can save you untold time and hassle. How can you be sure you are getting the best?

  • Ask friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations. If someone has a particularly great yard, ask them who provides lawn care service for them.
  • Inquire about customized lawn care service. Ask any company you are considering if they evaluate your lawn and yard needs and then tailor a service routine specifically for you. Not every yard is the same, and not every homeowner wants the same things. They may test your soil, aerate, or apply lime, for instance, to create more favorable conditions.
  • Ask for lawn inspection and free quote.
  • What comes with standard service? How much will it cost for your yard?
  • Ask about prior experience and ask for referrals. Any neighborhood kid can mow your lawn, but not everyone can provide expert service and care to keep your yard healthy and to control pests naturally and effectively.
  • Look online for reviews and ratings. Also contact the Better Business Bureau to check the company out.

Be specific about your needs. Do you want ongoing care? Do you need seasonal help mowing and maintaining your lawn or do you want to winterize it? Do you want to handle certain jobs yourself and leave others to the service?

    • Ask what kind of fertilizers, pest control products, and other lawn products the service uses. If being eco-friendly is important to you and your family, ask about effective green pest control.
    • Make sure the service is fully licensed in Florida and has insurance. If something happens on your property, you do not want to be held liable.
  • Have a written contract with the services the company is going to provide, as well as the price you are going to pay for them.